My Office in a Box is a technically engineered piece of furniture which is meant to serve a multiplicity of purposes – therefore, we do not sell it flat packed. The product is only available already assembled.

The assembled unit is ready for use instantly.

Unfortunately due to Covid-19 you cannot collect, however, we are happy to deliver the product to you.

We are confident that you will not need to return anything as we individually test, inspect and stress test each product before clearing it for sale, however, we allow you per our terms and conditions (which must be read and signed before the product is purchased) to return the product within 30 (thirty) days. We offer a 1 (one) year warranty for the product. Both the return and the warranty do not cover normal wear and tear and there must be a manufacturing defect in the product.

The plug points are pre-installed on the exterior right hand side panel of the box, as well as, the inside middle shelf of the main compartment of the desk. The two USB ports are found on the main inside plug point.

Both the exterior and interior plug points are the standard 16m amp single sockets. The internal plug socket (euro plug) is equipped with the following: 1x normal plug point, 1x two-point plug and 2x USB points. The voltage and watts the plugs can handle is the standard 16 amps.

Yes, it comes with an average 1.2 meter extension cord.

The top of the table can hold a dispersed weight of 20kg’s and the inside desk can hold a dispersed weight of 20kg’s.

In total the desk can take 40kg’s of dispersed weight. If this is maintained the wheels will not break.

The dimensions are as per the description on the brochure. click here

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